Clean Water Pumps

PEDROLLO TOP Submersibles

Pedrollo TOP Submersibles

The TOP series of clear water drainage pumps is recommended for emergency draining of small Flooded Areas such as Cellars & Garages, the disposal of Waste Water in the home and for Emptying Drainage Traps.

Delivery: up to 24m3/h
Head: up to 14.5m
Power Supply: 230v Single Phase
Temperature Range: Water upto 40°C
Solids Handling: 10mm
Insulation: Class F
Protection: IP68
Float Switch as Standard

Emptying of Residential Sump Pits and Rain Water Tanks.
Garden and Lawn Irrigation.
Emptying of Water Tanks or Reservoirs.
Emergency Draining of Flooded Areas or Rooms.
Effluent Treatment Systems.

Pump Body: Technopolymer
Impeller: Technopolymer
Outer Sleeve: Plastic
Shaft: Stainless Steel
Elastomers: NBR
Seals: Carbon / Ceramic Mechanical Seal

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PEDROLLO TOP SubmersiblesPEDROLLO TOP Submersibles