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NERA DC Solar Pump

NASTEC NERA - DC Solar Borehole Pump

NERA solar pump range, with integrated inverter, provides a compact and reliable solution in pumping applications using photovoltaic energy.

NERA pumps are powered by DC with a wide range of operating voltage (70 - 190 VDC).

A unique software algorithm adjusts the hydraulic performance to suit the available power of each source, whilst maximising pump performance.

NERA pumps are available in both Multi-Stage Centrifugal and Progressive Cavity type designs.

All the advantages of integrated electronics
Integrated electronics eliminate the need for shielded cables and electrical filters, providing the ideal solution for any application in unattended remote locations without surveillance and adverse climatic conditions which could cause issue to surface mounted control units, such as;

  • Overheating
  • Water Ingress
  • Thermal shock
  • Physical damage.

4HS MultiPower pumps do not require any external electronic components, simply connect the pump to the chosen power source.
The integrated electronics are directly cooled by the water flow ensuring low operational temperatures and greatly extended life, when compared to a surface mounted controller.
Integration also eliminates potential surface issues such as high radiant temperatures, humidity & dust.

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NERA DC Solar PumpNERA DC Solar PumpNERA DC Solar Pump