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LOWARA Genyo Pump Controller

Lowara Genyo Pump Control Module

Genyo is an electronic device incorporating pressure/flow switches for control and protection of electric pumps.
Genyo integrates multiple system controls into a single device.
Genyo is controlled by an electronic circuit and is composed of a diaphragm and counteracting spring system integrated with flow and pressure sensors.
Genyo enables automatic control of pump start-up and shutdown based on actual water demand, preventing any pressure fluctuations at delivery points with constant operating point.

Available in two versions:
8A with three fixed starting pressures (GENYO 8A)
and 16A with automatic restart (GENYO 16A).

Delivery: 1" BSP, capable of flow rates up to 10 m³/h
Power supply: 230v Single Phase
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
Temperature of pumped liquid: to 60 °C

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LOWARA Genyo Pump ControllerLOWARA Genyo Pump ControllerLOWARA Genyo Pump Controller