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DAB E.SYBOX Booster Set

DAB E.SYBOX Booster Set

E.SYBOX is a patented booster system, unique in its category with high performances, efficient, compact, simple installation & ease of operation for both installer & user.

E.SYBOX Mini is the solution for water boosting in small dwellings.
E.SYBOX Standard offers the same advantages, but in higher capacity.
Wireless technology allows for setup of booster sets up to 4 pumps, suitable for larger dwellings or collective residential applications.

Electronic Inverter
Thanks to the Inverter technology, e.sybox draws only the required energy based on water demand, providing considerable economic savings.


New water-cooled motor is highly resistant to corrosion and permits installation of the system in a confined space.

The new compact electronic pressure transducer, with integrated temperature sensor developed by DAB, together with the flow sensor are both positioned on the pump delivery & transmit feedback signals to the Inverter board, allowing optimum control of the unit.

Expansion Tank
Integrated in the system, it has a 2-litre capacity and is certified for drinking water. Supplied with a 5-year guarantee, no maintenance required.

High-resolution LCD screen, with adjustable viewing for easy reading in various installation scenarios.
The user-friendly interface enables easy access to all information and allows customisation of main settings according to application specifics

Access Compartment
Permits access to the rotor shaft, filling plug and expansion tank.
It also doubles as a practical housing for maintenance tools and user manual

Delivery Check Valve
Permits horizontal as well as vertical installation of the system and can be easily removed to facilitate maintenance.

Frost Protection System
E.SYSBOX incorporates frost protection, which prevents the formation of ice inside the unit, by activating the pump when ambient temperatures approach freezing.

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DAB E.SYBOX Booster SetDAB E.SYBOX Booster SetDAB E.SYBOX Booster SetDAB E.SYBOX Booster Set