Water Treatment

Large Scale Reverse Osmosis

Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Systems

Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Systems

Flow Rates upto 12 m3/hr, typically 97% Salts removal and 75% permeate recovery.
Designed & engineered to cater for individual applications.

The perfect solution for Private Water Supplies

Typical construction includes Stainless Steel frames, High pressure/low noise 3 phase multi-stage centrifugal pump & GRP/PVC membrane vessels.
Instrumentation includes feed water sampling valve, solenoid inlet valve, feed water pressure switch, permeate and concentrate flow meters, pressure gauges for pump and concentrate, stainless valves for adjustment of permeate and concentrate flows.
Microprocessor system control and VSD motor control providing substantial energy savings.

Options include permeate re-circulation, concentrate flushing, manual cleaning, hardness monitoring and Anti-Scalant dosing.

Bespoke systems can be designed to better suite individual requirements and applications.

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Large Scale Reverse Osmosis