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SPECTRUM Bag Filters

Specturm Bag Filters

Bag Filters are the ideal solution for removing sand and gravel from wells or water sources. Capable of high flow rates, they are best as a precursor for other filtration equipment.
Creating a more accurate seal than ring necks, the flanged neck manages increased differential pressure with improved sealing.
For a wider choice in application flexibility and compatibility, standard filter bags include 100% Polypropylene, Polyester or Nylon neck and media options.

Standard felt bags are of welded construction, where the bag fabric is fused together to create a strong seal, reducing the possibility of loose, fibrous edges migrating downstream.
Neck rings have two handle tabs which greatly assist bag removal

Nylon bags are heavy duty double stitched on the seams and neck.
With no metal components, standard bags can be recycled or disposed of by incineration.

Bags are available in Polypropylene, Polyester or Nylon.
and Gauze sizes from 1 Micron upto 800 Micron.

If your looking for a deeper clean see Depth Filters.
Layered spun foam cartridge, the typical filter of choice for a UV pre-filter.

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SPECTRUM Bag FiltersSPECTRUM Bag Filters