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PLASSON Pipe Fittings

Plasson Pipe Fittings

Tried & Tested Plasson mechanical fittings for Polyethylene pipe have been in continuous use for over 50 years.

Millions of fittings providing safe and reliable connections for water mains throughout the world. Simple to use, the captive ‘O’ ring seal provides lifetime protection against leakage and requires no nut tightening to achieve a seal.

The system is designed for connection to many pipe types and materials providing compatibility with existing systems. A huge range of types, sizes and patterns of fitting allow for many unique solutions to everyday problems. A Complimentary range of valves, accessories and threaded products to provide a total solution to your network needs.

Plasson pushfit fittings provide dedicated solutions for connecting PE pipe to various other pipe materials, such as copper, polybutylene and PEX. WRAS approved and designed to withstand 16 bar pressure rating. Inserting the pipe up to the fitting stop creates both the seal and the grip on the pipe.

Compact and attractive design makes this fitting ideal for the plumbing market, where space is limited and appearance is crucial. Simplicity of assembly makes both the professional and occasional user’s job easier whilst retaining Plasson reliability.

Plasson electrofusion fittings are designed for high performance pipe jointing and a long system life.
The combination of quality, durability and ease of use has been shown to be most economical for both installer and network owner.

Features standard pin sizes to fit UK controllers, fittings will weld to PE80, PE100 and PEX-A pipes. Long fusion zones to provide high strength joints with large cold zones to ensure quality welds, Barcode and Plasson SmartFuse automation reduces potential for errors in set up.

Profiled fitting body to spread stresses and extend long service life and welding wire is precision laid in the fitting to provide even heat distribution.
WRAS, BS EN 12201 and BS EN 1555 approved.

Other more bespoke Pipes, Hoses and Fittings available on request.

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PLASSON Pipe FittingsPLASSON Pipe FittingsPLASSON Pipe FittingsPLASSON Pipe FittingsPLASSON Pipe Fittings