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SHAKESBY ED - Iron Removal System

Shakesby ED range - for Open Ended Systems

ED Range

The ED Range suits small to large sized domestic properties and also small industrial sites, treating all the water from a borehole pump. This range has additional controls required for open-ended systems, where pumping to a reservoir is controlled by float switches. They continually aerate the water in service and use air and water to backwash. This means they can cope with higher Iron and hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) levels, higher flow rates and use about half the service flow rate to backwash. Fully integrated filters contain all the aerating and venting components in one unit. The ED is designed to work in open-ended systems, but can also function as an ET if required.

System: Treats all water from source pump to open ended delivery (Float switch).
Iron level: Up to 30000ug/l (30mg/l) depending on site conditions.
Filter Media: SIRM
Backwash Frequency: 2-7 days (dependant on the nature of the water)

Model ED1354 ED1665 ED1865
Max. Rec. Flow rate 1.3 2.0 2.5
Backwash flow rate 0.6 0.8 1.1
Dimensions (H x W) 64”x18” 75”x19” 78”x19”

All Flow rates in m3/hr @ 3 bar appx.

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SHAKESBY ED - Iron Removal SystemSHAKESBY ED - Iron Removal SystemSHAKESBY ED - Iron Removal System