Water Treatment

Small Scale Reverse Osmosis

Small Scale Reverse Osmosis


  • Up to 189 litres per day of on-demand purified water, ideal for use in Aquariums, or window cleaning equipment.
  • Works on mains pressure of 2.8 bar or more, requiring no pump or electricity.
  • The AquaRO system takes up very little space and can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically for convenience.
  • Quick and simple cartridge change-out with 1/4” push-fit connections

Twist Lock Undersink RO

  • Probably the most effective way of producing pure water, free from 97% of most contaminants. Configured with two high capacity carbon blocks and one high purity RO membrane, capable of producing up to 75 lpd of pure, healthy drinking water.
  • A small footprint allows installation of the SPECTRUM PTL system in the most confined spaces with no tools required for filter change-outs.
  • Features 10 ltr storage tank, faucet and mains saddle valve.

A booster pump can be supplied For systems with low pressure, or gravity feed.
Bespoke systems can be made to better suite your exact requirements.

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Small Scale Reverse OsmosisSmall Scale Reverse OsmosisSmall Scale Reverse Osmosis