Water Treatment

SPECTRUM Cartridge Filters

Suitable for drinking water applications, Cartridge Filters fit in standard housings and perform the same tasks as large media filled systems.
Available with a wide range of application media suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Pharmaceuticals.

Activated Carbon for Taste and Odour.
Available as a Granulated Canister, Pressed Block or Modified Fibredyne, each with specific applications in mind.

Softening and Scale Inhibiting.
Reduces Calcium and Limescale buildup in the pipes and systems.

Deionising Resin.
A mix of media used in the production of pure water, typically for Window Cleaning equipment.

Nitrate Resin.
An Ion Exchange media used to reduce Nitrates in the water.

Iron and Heavy Metal Reduction.
Medias designed to target specific metals in the water such as Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper and Chromium.

Available in Standard and Large Diameters, 10" and 20" long.
Capacity and flow rate will differ from media to media, and on the size of the cartridge.
Media filled cartridge filters are typically used on point of use applications such as single taps or limited demand areas.
For whole house treatment ask us about treatment media and back-washable vessels.

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SPECTRUM Cartridge FiltersSPECTRUM Cartridge FiltersSPECTRUM Cartridge Filters