SHAKESBY MG - Manganese Removal System

Shakesby MG - Manganese Removal System

MG Range

The theoretical conditions to remove Manganese from water are different to those for Iron.
On most sites, Shakesby Iron removal systems will also reduce Manganese levels to well below permitted levels.

Where tests indicate that this may not be achieved, the MG range of additional filters may be recommended.
These units are regenerating filters that primarily remove the Manganese and do not exchange for other metals, such as Sodium, or add anything to the water.

System: In conjunction with Shakesby Iron Removal Filters or 'stand alone'.
Manganese level: So far limitless, we haven't been beaten yet!
Filter Media: Manganese dioxide based.
Regeneration Frequency: up to 14 days or volume controlled (dependant on site conditions).
Max. Flow rate: Function of site conditions.

Model MG1054 MG1354 MG1665 MG1865
Backwash flow rate 1.135 2.16 3.96 3.96
Dimensions (H x W) 64”x15” 64”x15” 75”x15” 78”x15”

All Flow rates in m3/hr. Supply pressure Min. 2 bar - Max. 8 bar.

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SHAKESBY MG - Manganese Removal SystemSHAKESBY MG - Manganese Removal SystemSHAKESBY MG - Manganese Removal System